Tencent released QQ 2000 version


[Nov 2000 from Shenzhen]

In November 2000 Tencent released QQ2000b1115 symbolizing the official launch of QQ2000 version. The new version made considerable improvement on old one by adding new features like SKIN changing news panel and Tencent Explorer.

Newly features:

Changeable SKIN enables you to enter a colorful QQ world;

Updated personal data and encrypted information presents various encryption options to enable more secure online communications;

QQ news panel-many channels and much info to enable you to chat and browse at the same time;

Tencent Explorer-it's an environment-friendly browser that can save great system resources for you. The system can run very fast with tens of opened web pages. Also there are many shortcut keys to enable convenient operation;

Who's with me-do you ever feel lonely when you are surfing online? Tencent Explorer will get rid of that feeling for you by creating an authentic online community.

E-commerce starts right from here!

Updated message management adds practical features such as imputing exporting backup and search. All chatting records and user configuration files are optimized in their storage mode to facilitate users' uploading;

Newly added hiding function that enables users to work and surf at the same time;

Many self-defined messages with convenient switching operations;

Updated blocklist enables users to delete themselves from their friends' QQ;

Updated deletion feature ensures simultaneous deletion from the server;

New dialogue mode in sending and receiving messages provides cyber users with a more convenient and comfortable interface;

Mobile QQ-no computer no access to Internet just with SMS and you can chat with online QQ friends ;

User notes: too many users that you can't tell who's who? Convenient note switching feature will eliminate this embarrassment;

Enhanced Security: annoyed by strangers and false information? Use QQ2000;

New chatting channel in the Chat Room: powerful channel enables you to find your way even in crowded chat rooms.