"Mobile QQ" service was offered on a trial basis with Guangdong Mobile, Shenzhen Branch.


[Aug 15 2000 from Shenzhen]

Mobile QQ" has made important breakthrough. Now mobile phone users of Shenzhen Mobile can communicate with QQ users via SMS. In order to improve and guarantee the operation Tencent and Guangdong Mobile signed "Instant messaging-Mobile QQ" trial agreement on August 15. According to the agreement "Instant messaging-Mobile QQ" service will be run in Shenzhen for one month and a half before Guangdong Mobile formally introduces this business.

"Mobile QQ" integrates Tencent's instant messaging system and mobile operation platform to satisfy the communication demand between mobile phone users and their cyber friends. Thanks to "Mobile QQ" service mobile phone users can easily contact friends on the Internet anytime anywhere. It is a breakthrough for instant messaging business to launch "Mobile QQ" by connecting Internet business with mobile communications showing an effective business model for the combination of Internet and traditional industry.

"Instant messaging-Mobile QQ" is realized mainly through the SMS command in SIM card which includes many commands convenient for mobile phone users such as sending message to QQ user checking message from QQ querying online QQ users querying QQ user information under different conditions etc;

Meanwhile mobile phone users can send simple commands by SMS function of mobile phone to confirm receiving or refusing messages from QQ so as to avoid unnecessary disturbance. Also QQ users can send online messages to any mobile phone user with the subscription of "Instant messaging-Mobile QQ" service.