"Mobile QQ" entered into China Unicom's "Mobile New Life"


[Jun 21 2000 from Shenzhen]

Convenient communications between Tencent QQ and mobile phones have been the dream of both QQ users and mobile phone users. Thus June 21 became a memorable day for all QQ users and Unicom mobile users. Tencent and Shenzhen Unicom incorporated "Mobile QQ" into the first batch of 10000 STK cards issued by "New Mobile Life" service of Shenzhen Unicom to facilitate users. The incorporated "Mobile QQ" service included sending message querying message querying user status and querying QQ user information under different conditions. (Users without STK card can also enjoy "Mobile QQ" service by inputting command). Meanwhile Shenzhen Unicom offered free message service function to all users so once Shenzhen Unicom's user obtained a QQ number he/she could begin to enjoy "Mobile QQ" service right away.

China Unicom is the 2nd largest telecom enterprise in China with more than 10 million users all over the country and more than 300000 in Shenzhen. Tencent is a famous Internet technology enterprise based in Shenzhen mainly providing online instant messaging service through its QQ software. It has been the largest instant communications service provider in Asia with more than 10 million registered users. As market competition increased it is very crucial for companies to search for new growth opportunities. As to mobile network operators SMS will no doubt bring them huge growing potentials. (On June 21st Shenzhen Unicom launched SMS service for all GSM users)

While the SMS business of both Tencent and Unicom is growing fast more and more users ask the two message systems to talk each other. Accordingly the two companies recently launched "Mobile QQ" service in Shenzhen to satisfy customers' demand which created a new integration model of Internet and traditional enterprises. This cooperation between two strong partners effectively integrated both parties' customer resources. Besides the new communication mode will attract more users to enjoy the services of both Tencent and Unicom so as to increase their competitiveness.

Reportedly as a powerful office assistant the STK cards that Shenzhen Unicom issued for "New Mobile Life" also included other convenient services e.g. stock information stock trading personal scheduling real-time translation between English and Chinese personal phone number query and email. Apart from these there are services such as weather information traffic information games and jokes. Users can contact Shenzhen Unicom's business outlet to subscribe for these services and enjoy one month's free SMS service by Unicom's "New Mobile Life".