Tencent and Shenzhen Unicom jointly launched "Mobile QQ" service


[May 17 2000 from Shenzhen]

On May 17 the "International Telecom Day" Tencent and Shenzhen Unicom jointly launched the new mobile communications service-Mobile QQ enabling mobile phone users to communicate with QQ users online via SMS. Once subscribed to SMS Shenzhen Unicom users can send/receive QQ messages query QQ users and send/receive emails all by their mobile phone. Thanks to this mobile office you can keep contact with friends on QQ even while traveling.

Unicom will issue new STK cards to facilitate mobile phones' sending and receiving short messages. If you don't want to change your SIM card you can still send and receive QQ messages as long as keep in mind a few necessary operational commands.

Tencent QQ service is based on PC to PC communication at the present but the introduction of "Mobile QQ" will create a new communication channel between mobile phone to PC. The features of "Mobile QQ" are as follows:

1. Mobile phone users can directly send messages to QQ users (they can choose whether to display their mobile phone number or not by different commands);

2. Mobile phone users can input their mobile phone number in their QQ registration information and when they are offline they can automatically receive messages by other mobile phone users through "Mobile QQ" service; if the mobile phone users didn't input their number in QQ registration information they can still query their messages when they are offline;

3. Mobile phone users can query QQ users' online status;

4. Mobile phone users can query basic information through nicknames email addresses and QQ numbers.