Tencent launched email value-added service system in cooperation with SINET


[Jul 1999 from Shenzhen]

Tencent and SINET jointly launched email value-added service system and put it on Shenzhen Telecom's network for trial operation.

Tencent Email Value-added System is an application system targeting ISP's dial-up users. It's a value added service for Internet users that notifies incoming emails and shows main contents via pager mobile phone and fax machine etc.

Main features:

When an email arrives the system immediately abstracts the sender address email subject and content. If the email complies with user-defined rules it will be sent to paging station or GSM SMS system so that users can receive email content from pager or mobile phone right away. Users can also obtain email content through fax machine.

Users can set up user-defined rules. After verifying username and password users can define parameters such as call barring time period email barring time period and character string filtering.