Tencent launched mobile email service in cooperation with Shenzhen Unicom


[Apr 1999 from Shenzhen]

If you think that mobile phone is just a simple communication tool "Mobile Email" will be a true eye-opener for you. It realizes connection between Internet and mobile network greatly enriching the application of mobile phone and communication channels of mobile phone user.

This month Tencent launched the "Mobile Email" service in cooperation with Shenzhen Unicom. This service enables mobile phones to send/receive emails communicate with Internet users via SMS as well as act as electronic notepad and e-dictionary between English and Chinese.

You can use this service no matter what your current email box is. Even if you are out of town messages are guaranteed to reach you!

You can check at anytime for new emails and email contents by your mobile phone. You can send forward or reply emails by mobile phone at anytime.

Even if you don't check emails we can notify you in 2 hours when you have a new email.

Even if your mobile phone is shut down or in the blind area as soon as you turn it on or enter the service area you will receive the notification.

If your mobile phone supports Chinese language then you can read emails in both Chinese and English while English language mobiles phones can only read emails in English.

It's equipped with "Online Calling" function so that your contacts can send messages to your mobile phone on the online calling page. Don't worry about disturbance-you can define restrictions online e.g. requiring senders to input your last name before allowing them to send.

TIMS 2.0 will be released soon:

· Supports second generation SIM card (STK)

· Tencent QQ-GSM mobile phone two-way communication

· Personal phone number pad: it covers part of the functions of electronic notepad with unlimited capacity and non dependence on mobile phone.

· Mobile phone's "Instant Dictionary": translation between English and Chinese by mobile phone.

· Shenzhen Unicom (http://www.szunicom.com)