Tencent launched its Instant Messaging service - QQ99 beta build 0210


[Feb 10 1999 from Shenzhen]

Tencent launched its Instant Messenger service -QQ99beta build 0210 i.e. Tencent QQ on February 10 1999 The Instant Messenger software is also called "Internet Pager" or "buddy list" by providing the following two basic functions: tracing users' online status and allowing real time communication. Users should download specific client-side software and generally speaking only users with the same Instant Messenger software can communicate each other.

The biggest difference between Instant Messaging software and emails is "status monitoring". Comprehensive online status monitoring is crucial to the development of the commercial and personal communication software next generation. It's also very important for commercial applications such as online meeting wireless mobile communications and collaboration.

Tencent QQ is easy to use with logical design strong functions and stable and efficient system. As an instant messaging tool Tencent QQ supports online notification paging chatting and instant text voice and file transmission. It's not only a network-based virtual pager. Instead it can be connected to wireless paging GSM messaging and IP telephone network.

With the growth of Tencent Instant Messenger service user base Internet related businesses can be developed including e-commerce integrated information service and advertising. Tencent will continue to develop unified high-speed Internet application platform and expand online ad mobile communications ISP and IP telephone cooperation enterprise instant messaging online customer and online paging service.