Tencent X University

Established in July 2015, Tencent X University is Tencent’s official company-level university for start-up founders and entrepreneurs. It aims to foster cognitive improvement, business growth, and community involvement through the integration of high-quality industry, universities, and research resources, serving as an influential life-long learning platform. It is run by way of partnerships with distinguished educational institutions, dedicated to specific fields such as Internet+, artificial intelligence+, future technologies, and cultural and creative industries. Tencent X University has three major colleges: business, science and technology and literary creation, with a focus on cutting-edge industries. It has formed long term partnerships with the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Tsinghua University, Peking University - Guanghua School of Management, and more. As of October 2019, Tencent X University has run eight terms with 393 students, whose total company valuations exceed RMB17700 billion.

Tencent X University’s alumni circle "Tencent X Club" aims to create a dynamic and prestigious community of founders with practical experience, providing members with networking opportunities, field trips, business resources, and much more. At the moment, Tencent X Club has more than 300 members and the market value of member enterprises totals over RMB600 billion.