Corporate Development Group

Positioned as the company’s new business incubator and professional support platform, CDG is responsible for expansion opportunities in online finance, online payments, online advertising and other key areas. This is in addition to providing professional support on strategy, investment, public relations and marketing for Tencent’s business.

Interactive Entertainment Group

IEG contributes to the operation and development of Tencent Interactive Entertainment business and oversees a variety of quality interactive entertainment products such as online games, online literature, comics, and movies, which aim to aid the company in becoming a leading brand in the global interactive entertainment industry.

Mobile Internet Group

MIG focuses on mobile Internet services, providing excellent security products and utilities such as YingYongBao, QQ Browser, Tencent Mobile Manager and Tencent PC Manager. MIG strives to advance Tencent’s leading position in the mobile Internet field.

Online Media Group

Responsible for the operations and development of Tencent’s online media business, OMG aims to create a high quality and diverse content ecosystem through QQ.com, Tencent Video, Tencent News and other core services.

Social Network Group

SNG oversees social platforms built around QQ and Qzone and strives to provide quality instant messaging and social networking services. SNG develops innovative value-added services and promotes the cloud business to create more value for end users and partners.

Technology and Engineering Group

TEG provides Tencent’s business groups with technology and operation support, and users with a full-suite of customer services. It is also responsible for management of research and development, and the establishment and operation of IDC.

Weixin Group

WXG is committed to developing the Weixin/WeChat products, growing its open platform, payment service, and O2O services to create greater value for our users and partners. It is also responsible for development and operations for key products including QQ Maill, Enterprise Weixin.