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An Internet-Based Technology and Cultural Enterprise

Tencent is an internet-based technology and cultural enterprise headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Founded in 1998, Tencent’s mission is to “improve the quality of life through Internet value-added services”. This will be done via the delivery of integrated internet solutions to billions of netizens through its “user oriented” business philosophy.

Enhancing the Digital Assistant to build a Digital China

Rooted in Consumer-Based Internet, Tencent embraces the Industrial Internet.

Press Releases


  • 2015

    Mobile payment user accounts bound with bank cards surpassed 200 million


    The concept of "Internet Plus" proposed by Pony Ma was made a national strategy

  • 2014

    QQ’s PCU reached 200 million.

  • 2013

    Market capitalization reached US$ 100 billion


    Mobile QQ and Weixin launched game centers


    Registered users accounts of Weixin & WeChat reached 300 million

  • 2011

    Launched open platform strategy


    Launched Weixin

  • 2010

    QQ’s PCU surpassed 100 million

  • 2009

    Annual revenue reached RMB 10 billion

  • 2008

    Became a constituent of Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index

  • 2007

    Established Tencent Foundation

  • 2005

    Launched multi-media social networking service Qzone

  • 2004

    Listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange

  • 2003

    Launched web portal –


    Entered online games market

  • 1999

    Launched instant messaging service – QQ

  • 1998

    Tencent was founded

Management Team

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  • MA Huateng (Pony Ma)

    Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

    Pony Ma is one of Tencent’s Co-Founders and currently serves as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. Pony oversees strategic development, overall direction and management of Tencent. Before founding Tencent in 1998, Pony led research and development for the internet paging system at China Motion Telecom Development Limited, a telecommunications services and products provider in China. He has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications and Internet industries. Pony received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Shenzhen University in 1993.

  • LAU Chi Ping (Martin Lau)


    Martin Lau is President of Tencent. Martin joined Tencent in 2005 as Chief Strategy and Investment Officer, responsible for corporate strategies, investment, M&A and investor relations. In 2006, Martin was promoted to President and managed the day-to-day operation of Tencent. In 2007, he was appointed an Executive Director of the board. Prior to joining Tencent, Martin was an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs (Asia) L.L.C's investment banking division and the Chief Operating Officer of its Telecom, Media and Technology Group. Prior to that, Martin worked at McKinsey & Company, Inc. Martin received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA degree from Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University.

  • XU Chenye (Daniel Xu)

    Co-Founder, Chief Information Officer

    Daniel Xu, one of Tencent’s Co-Founders, serves as Chief Information Officer. In this capacity, he oversees strategic planning and development of Tencent’s website properties and communities, and customer relations. Before founding Tencent, Daniel worked at Shenzhen Data Telecommunications Bureau where he gained management experience in software system design, Internet management, sales and marketing. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Shenzhen University in 1993 and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Nanjing University in 1996.

  • REN Yuxin (Mark Ren)

    Chief Operating Officer, President of Platform & Content Group and Interactive Entertainment Group

    Mark Ren was promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Tencent in May 2012, currently leading the development of the Platform & Content Group and the Interactive Entertainment Group. After joining Tencent in 2000, Mark served as General Manager for the value-added services department and later for the Interactive Entertainment department. In September 2005, Mark was promoted to oversee research and development, operations, marketing and sales of gaming products for the Interactive Entertainment Business division. Prior to Tencent, he worked at Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Mark received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in 1998 and an EMBA degree from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in 2008.

  • ZHANG Xiaolong (Allen Zhang)

    Senior Executive Vice President, President of Weixin Group

    Allen Zhang joined Tencent in March 2005 and now serves as Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent and President of Weixin Group. In his initial role at Tencent as General Manager of the Guangzhou R&D division, he led the QQ Mail team as it grew into the largest email service provider in China. He was promoted to Corporate Vice President and In September 2012, became Senior Vice President in charge of product and team management of Weixin/ WeChat and QQ Mail. He is also responsible for the management and review of major innovation projects. In May 2014, Allen was promoted to Senior Executive Vice President, overseeing Weixin Group. Allen is among the first generation of internet software developers in China. Prior to joining Tencent, Allen independently developed Foxmail in 1997 and served as Corporate Vice President of Boda China, where he was responsible for corporate email development. Allen received his Master’s degree in Telecommunications from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 1994.

  • James Mitchell

    Chief Strategy Officer, Senior Executive Vice President

    James Mitchell joined Tencent in 2011. He serves as the Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Executive Vice President. He is responsible for various functions, including strategic planning and implementation, investor relationships, and mergers, acquisitions and investments activity. Prior to joining Tencent, James was a managing director at Goldman Sachs in New York, leading the bank’s communication, media and entertainment research team, which anaylzed Internet, entertainment and media companies globally. Mr.Mitchell received a degree from Oxford University and holds a Chartered Financial Analyst Certification.

  • TONG Taosang (Dowson Tong)

    Senior Executive Vice President, President of Cloud & Smart Industries Group, Chairman of Tencent Music Entertainment Group

    Dowson Tong serves as Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent, President of Cloud & Smart Industries Group and Chairman of Tencent Music Entertainment Group. Dowson joined Tencent in 2005. Since October 2008, he has led the research and development of Tencent’s social networking platform and value-added services. Dowson is currently in charge of the strategy and business development of Tencent Music and Tencent's cloud and industry Internet business. Prior to joining Tencent, Dowson worked at Sendmail Inc. where he led the development of operator-scale email and messaging systems, and at Oracle where he worked on the development and testing of the Oracle Server and Oracle Applications. Dowson received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan in 1994 and a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 1997.

  • LU Shan

    Senior Executive Vice President and President of Technology and Engineering Group

    Lu Shan joined Tencent in 2000 and currently serves as Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent and President of Technology and Engineering Group. Previously, Lu Shan served as General Manager of the IM Product Division, Vice President of the Platform Research and Development System and Senior Vice President of the Operations Platform System. Since March 2008, he has been responsible for managing the group’s operating system. Since May 2012, he has been leading the Technology and Engineering Group. Prior to joining Tencent, he worked for Shenzhen Liming Network Systems Limited. Lu Shan received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Technology from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 1998.

  • LAU Sengyee (SY Lau)

    Senior Executive Vice President, Chairman of Group Marketing and Global Branding

    Mr. Lau Seng Yee (SY Lau) serves as the Senior Executive Vice President since 2006. He was the President of Tencent Online Media Group for 11 years before assuming his current corporate role as Chairman of Group Marketing & Global Branding in 2017. SY champions the cause of using technology for universal good and the sustainable development of humanity. He is a committed keynote speaker to various international forums such as the UN, UNESCO, the Dubai International AI Conference, IMF Forums, Boao Forum for Asia and Viva-Technology etc.Professionally recognized as the "Global Media Person of the Year" by the Cannes Lions in 2015, he became one of the 25 founding members of the Global CMO Growth Council, who share the vision to empower the professional practices of marketing for growth.A Distinguished Alumnus of the National University of Malaysia, Lau received his EMBA from Rutgers University in New Jersey as a Distinguished Alumnus. He completed the AMP (Advanced Management Program) at the Harvard Business School and now serves as board member of its Asia-Pacific Advisory Board since 2015.

  • David Wallerstein

    Chief Exploration Officer, Senior Executive Vice President

    David A.M. Wallerstein joined Tencent in 2001 and currently serves as Chief Exploration Officer(CXO) and Senior Executive Vice President. He drives Tencent’s participation in new and emerging technologies, business areas and ideas from his base in Palo Alto, California. David works to build Tencent’s international footprint and expansion into new business area since 2001. Prior to Tencent, David worked with Naspers in China and was responsible for investments and strategy. David received a Master’s degree from UC Berkeley and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington.

  • MA Xiaoyi (Steven Ma)

    Senior Vice President

    Steven Ma joined Tencent in 2007 and currently serves as Senior Vice President. He is responsible for the international distribution of Tencent Games, establishing and maintaining long-term business partnerships and cooperation for Tencent. Prior to joining Tencent, Steven serves as General Manager of the games division of OPTIC Communications Co.,Ltd. Prior to that, Steven was General Manager at Shanghai EasyService Technology Development Ltd. Steven graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1997 and received an EMBA degree from Fu Dan University in 2008.

  • John Lo

    Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President

    John Lo joined Tencent in 2004 as Financial Controller and currently serves as Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Tencent. In 2008, he was promoted to Vice President and Deputy Chief Financial Officer. He was appointed as Chief Financial Officer in May 2012. Prior to joining Tencent, John worked in PricewaterhouseCoopers as Senior Manager (audit services). He is a Fellow of the CPA Australia, a Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and a Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. John received a Bachelor of Business degree in Accounting from Curtin University and an EMBA degree from Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University and HKUST.

  • GUO Kaitian (Leon Guo)

    Senior Vice President

    Leon Guo currently serves as Senior Vice President at Tencent. He is also Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of Tencent Foundation and Chairman of Tencent Research Institute. He joined Tencent in 2002 and has been overseeing Tencent’s functional divisions of legal affairs, administration, infrastructure, procurement, public strategy, safety management and corporate social responsibility since September 2007. Prior to Tencent, he worked with Shenzhen Industrial Group. Leon received a Bachelor of Law degree from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in 1996 and subsequently acquired a legal qualification.

  • XI Dan (Dan Xi)

    Senior Vice President

    Dan Xi is Senior Vice President of Tencent. He joined Tencent in 2002 and has been overseeing Tencent’s talent development and functional management since 2008. Dan has more than 18 years of experience in IT and internet industries. Prior to joining Tencent, he was responsible for HR management at ZTE Corporation. Dan received a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Computer Science from Shenzhen University in 1996 and an MBA degree from Tsinghua University in 2005.

  • YEUNG Kwok On (Arthur Yeung)

    Senior Management Adviser

    Arthur is a hybrid professor, intertwining his career between academic and corporate worlds. As a professor, he had taught at the University of Michigan and China Europe International Business School. As a corporate executive, he served as Chief HR Officer of Acer Group from 1998 to 2002. Since 2008, he takes on the role as Senior Management Advisor of Tencent Holdings and sits on the Executive Leadership Committee. In this capacity, he supports and facilitates organizational innovation and leadership development within Tencent and its key strategic partners such as, DiDi, Meituan Dianping, and He also serves as Dean of TencentX University, a corporate university that has approximately 300 CEO alumni with total market value of USD 100 billion.

Advisor Emeritus

  • ZHANG Zhidong (Tony Zhang)

    Co-Founder and Advisor Emeritus Honorary Dean, Tencent Academy

    Tony Zhang, a Co-Founder of Tencent, currently serves as Advisor Emeritus and Honorary Dean of the Tencent Academy. At the founding of Tencent in November 1998, Tony served as Chief Technology Officer. He oversaw the development of Tencent’s proprietary technologies, and built and led an industry-leading technical team at Tencent. Tony received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Shenzhen University in 1993 and a Master of Science degree in Computer Application and System Structure from South China University of Technology in 1996.

  • Chen Yidan(Charles Chen)

    Co-Founder, Advisor Emeritus & Founder and Honorary Chairman of Tencent Charity Foundation

    Co-Founder, Advisor Emeritus & Founder and Honorary Chairman of Tencent Charity Foundation Charles Chen, one of Tencent’s Co-Founders, is also Founder and Honorary Chairman of Tencent Charity Foundation, and became an Advisor Emeritus in 2013. At the founding of Tencent, Charles served as Chief Administration Officer of Tencent. He oversaw administration, legal affairs, human resources and the charity fund. Charles was also responsible for Tencent’s management system, intellectual property rights and government relations. Before Charles founded Tencent in 1988, he worked in the Shenzhen Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Charles received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Chemistry from Shenzhen University in 1993, a Master of Law Degree in Economic Law from Nanjing University in 1996 and a Doctor of Business Administration Degree from the Singapore Management University in 2019.

  • ZENG Liqing (Jason Zeng)

    Co-Founder and Advisor Emeritus

    Jason Zeng is one of the Co-Founders and Advisor Emeritus of the Company. As the Chief Operating Officer between 1999 and 2007, Jason was responsible for Tencent's business lines and product portfolios, as well as sales and marketing activities across China. Prior to Tencent, Jason worked at Shenzhen Data Telecommunications Bureau and was familiar with China’s Internet and telecommunications industries.

Corporate Citizenship

  • “9.9 Charity Day” is launched by Tencent Charity and supported by hundreds of Non-Profit organizations, celebrities and top creativity corporations. September 9th, 2015 was the first internet giving day in China with the topic of “we love together”. Through Tencent charity platform, over 95 charitable organizations raised a total amount around one hundred and twenty eight million during “9.9 Charity Day”. Over eight hundred thousand people started a “raise together campaign ” and reached over 2 million person-time donation. We have witness the strong power and its significant impact among the public of this one-of-a-kind “Internet+Charity” event.

  • 1001 innovation campaign was started by Tencent charity with the main purpose of supporting thoughtful, workable, and reliable charity cases to raise money on the Platform, and encouraging more young people to solve social problems with their creative ideas.

  • Tencent Charity Foundation is always looking for charitable cooperation with other products within the company. We make good use of technology and character of different products, connect users, and make charity participation more efficient and more effective. For example, we have “Reading for The Blind”on Wechat, “Lightening Campaign” on QQmail, “The Golden 72 hours” on QQ, “Red Scarf Campaign” on QQ, “Clean+ Campaign” on Tencent PC Manager, and “Run For More Campaign” on the mobile game app, Tiantian Paoku.

  • Since the snow damage in 2008, Tencent foundation has been establishing a mechanism to organize all Tencent resources. It works from disaster evaluation, front-line rescue, to rescue team backup. Once there is a disaster, Tencent foundation will immediately activate the system and use all resources including Tencent Media, Tencent product and technology, social network, internet donation platform and website. From 2014-2015, we have helped Szechwan to do reconstruction, Yunnan to do earthquake rescue, Hainan to do wind damage rescue and Nepal to do earthquake rescue.

  • As one of the most important products of Tencent Charity, Online Donation Box combines the wisdom and spirit of internet. It makes charity a new way to socialize and connects users with a platform to help others. “Giving together” is a brand new fund-raising model based on social network. Users could decide their own fund-raising tasks and finish their tasks with their friends. By December 2015, there has been around 4.825 million person-time donations on the platform, raising over 7.6 hundred million RMB, and helped 8235 cases for 2562 non-profit organizations.

  • We Love Program is a stereo growth program facing non-profit organization. Its main idea is to encourage better interaction among NPO, enterprise, charitable leaders, internet users, and volunteers by offering fund, resource, and information support. Also, it aims to propel China charity industry going forward.

  • An open platform that uses mobile internet to discover values of country. The model of “Internet + Country” helps to connect emotion, information and wealth.

  • “Tencent Charity Hiker” is a product transferring users’ walking steps to charitable fund supported by enterprises. Its mission is “everyone can be a man of charity action”. Within mobile internet society, it can drive more corporations and people to participate in this national charity and health campaign.

  • Tencent released its Corporate Social Responsibility report for 2018.

  • Guardian Project, a new important part of Tencent’s brand-building in CSR, is targeting at protecting the users’ private information and preventing telecom and network fraud, leveraging the outstanding strength from Tencent in big data, technology and quantity of users on our platforms. We partnered with the Ministry of Public Security, carriers, banks and enterprises to establish a platform open to the public, providing them information and functions to take actual actions against telecom and network fraud.

Core Values

Vision To be the most respected Internet enterprise.

·Earn the respect of users by listening to them, satisfying and exceeding their needs and expectations.

·Earn the respect of employees by continuously improving our corporate reputation so that Tencent is a company employees are proud to work for.

·Earn respect within the industry by promoting healthy development of the Internet industry and win-win collaborations with partners.

·Earn the respect of society through responsible corporate citizenship and by contributing to community development.

Mission To enhance the quality of life through Internet services

·To treat the Internet like electricity: a fundamental service that is reliable and makes life easier and more enjoyable.

·Address the diverse needs of different regions and consumers by offering differentiated products and services.

·Build a healthy, win-win Internet ecosystem based on open collaboration with partners.

Management Philosophy Invest in the development of employees

·Provide employees with a healthy work environment and attractive incentives.

·Enable employees to enjoy professional and personal growth in a thriving environment.

·Coach and encourage employees to achieve success in work based on an attitude of trust and respect.

Business Philosophy Users' needs are our first priority. Values Integrity+Proactive+Collaboration+Innovation

Talent Development

Pathways to Career Development

Careers formula

Since the founding of Tencent, we have emphasized employee training and development. Tencent guarantees room to grow and multiple paths to career development for all employees. Apart from providing a professional learning platform for our employees, Tencent provides comprehensive training.

Tencent Academy

Established in August 2007, Tencent Academy provides a variety of training and courses for our employees. We develop our employee’s talents for their benefit and for the benefit of Tencent’s present and future.

Employee Development Path

Tencent provides employees with two pathways for their development.

Comprehensive Development Scheme

Tencent designs a complete development and training program for all employees.

Work Environment

The Tencent Binhai Building is an example of iconic architecture in Shenzhen.

Employee Activities

Employee Conference

Tencent holds two significant conferences each year, one of which is the Employee Conference.

Christmas Party

A tradition since Tencent’s founding, the company gathers on Christmas Eve to celebrate the holiday with entertainment and performances.

Tencent Culture Day

On 11th November, all Tencent staff wear outfits, designed by their colleagues, which vividly express the company culture of Tencent.


The annual carnival held by the company is the largest annual event for our employees and their families to participate in and to have fun.

QQ Sing and Shine

Every employee is given the chance to participate a companywide singing competition and to shine brightly on stage.

Souvenir Store

Tencent’s souvenir shop is located on the first floor of Tencent Building’s sub tower. Visitors are allowed when accompanied by employees and are treated to a retelling of the company’s founding, history and fun facts. It is the only shop that showcases Tencent’s peripheral products.

Executive Lunch Day

Executive lunch day is the Tencent staff’s chance to speak to and ask questions of our senior leadership.

Cultural Association

In order to take care of our employee’s health and enrich their after-work lives, Tencent has organized cultural clubs for dancing, music, basketball, football, badminton and board games and more.

Social Networks


QQ is an instant messaging (IM) platform for PC and mobile and has become the one of the favorite social platforms for young Chinese users with its diversified functions and services. QQ allows its users to communicate with each other through text, video, pictures and stickers, as well as decorate their personalized avatars, chatting bubbles and profile photo widgets. QQ also introduces CM Show, which delivers tailor-made interactive experience for youngsters, in addition to comics, literature and game. Additionally, users can access QQ wallet and experience innovative mobile payment including mobile top-up, online shopping and bank transfer.
As of the first quarter of 2017, QQ had 861 million monthly active user accounts and more than 266 million people were using QQ simultaneously.

Launched in 2011, Weixin/WeChat has been enhancing the lives of hundreds of millions users with its innovative features. The platform integrates instant messaging and social entertainment, bringing about a mobile digital lifestyle on an easy to use app. Users get to engage in real-time communications via free text and multimedia messages, make video calls or share photos on their “Moments”. Other lifestyle recreational features include “Games”, “Sticker Gallery”, and convenient friend-adding services such as “Shake” and “People Nearby”. Continuously evolving around users' needs, Weixin/WeChat also offers enterprises “Official Accounts” to create original consumer experiences through its open platform and extended services such as Weixin/WeChat Pay for a truly mobile digital lifestyle. Weixin/WeChat reached more than 938 million monthly active user accounts as of the first quarter of 2017.Weixin/WeChat has evolved into a connector and open platform across industries, connecting users with one another, with smart devices and with business services.

Created in 2005, Qzone is the largest social networking platform in China. It allows users to upload photos, post videos and live streaming, write blogs, keep diaries, play games, and decorate their own space. “Canary Yellow Diamond” users can, among other privileges, change the background of their own space for free. As one of the core features, Qzone Album records peak daily uploads of 650 million photos and total uploads of 2 trillion photos.As of the first quarter of 2017, Qzone had 632 million monthly active user accounts.


As a leading online payment platform in China since September 2005, Tenpay remains committed to supporting superior online payment transactions for individuals and corporate users with secure, convenient and professional services. Tenpay focuses on building a comprehensive and integrated payment platform, and is the second largest online payment platform in China, embracing B2B, B2C and C2C services across industries.

An integrated feature in Weixin/WeChat, Weixin/WeChat Pay is a payment solution for its users, enabling quick payment transactions on their mobile phones. Weixin/WeChat Pay functions on the basis of swift payment through the use of connected bank cards, providing safe and efficient payment services for users. Weixin/WeChat Pay was officially launched in China on 5 August 2013, concurrent to the introduction of Weixin/WeChat version 5.0, and became available to merchants in China on 4 March 2014.

QQ Wallet is a mobile payment product incorporating multiple payment methods such as bank card payment, QR code payment and NFC payment. It dedicates to expand vertical scenario services for young users. As of the third year after its launch, QQ Wallet has developed into an open platform incorporating payment, life services, government services, financial services, public services and other services as well, providing comprehensive experience for 652 million MAU mobile QQ users.


Recognized as the largest online games community in China, Tencent Games is a leading world-class online game developer and operator. Through implementation of a combination of both in-house research and development and diverse cooperation with partners, Tencent Games is dedicated to creating a reliable, fun, and professional interactive entertainment experience for users through the creation of quality multi-segment online game products.

China Reading Limited is a one-stop, quality literature online reading platform for hundreds of millions of Internet users. Part of Tencent’s interactive entertainment business, China Reading Limited brings the full integration of online and traditional literary works to one platform. It provides a high quality, accessible and dynamic reading experience for users across PC and mobile. China Reading Limited is home to hundreds of thousands of writers and almost a million works of literature. Renowned writers, including Mo Yan, serve as consultants to the site. China Reading Limited is committed to providing users with its convenient integration of reading services, moving past traditional models in the publishing industry to advance a new culture of national reading.

Established on 21 March 2012, Tencent Comic is now China’s largest original and legitimate online animation platform. Originality is nurtured on the platform, bolstered by the core value of copyright and IP protection. Tencent Comic has established key connections and partnerships with outstanding global industry partners, such as Animation Comic Game China Group, Walt Disney, Shueisha, Bandai, Kadokawa and Kodansha. With a new business strategy advocated by the animation industry, Tencent Comic aspires to create compelling content and nurture star IP through the building of a robust eco-system.

Tencent Pictures, together with Tencent Comics, China Reading Limited (Tencent Literature) and Tencent Games, is one of the four major business of Tencent’s interactive entertainment services. The core value of Tencent Pictures is a commitment to high quality IP, providing users with multiple interactive entertainment experiences. Tencent Pictures creates a versatile experience by allowing celebrities to share their self-created IP with fans on the platform. It is an open platform service, promoting cross-border cooperation, connecting artists and their high quality IP to domestic and international production and distribution companies. By integrating Internet and traditional movie distribution together on the platform, Tencent Pictures creates a new incubator model of movie production, distribution and releases.

Tencent Music Entertainment Group (NYSE: TME) is the leading online music entertainment platform in China, operating the country's highly popular and innovative music apps: QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music and WeSing. Tencent Music's mission is to use technology to elevate the role of music in people's lives by enabling them to create, enjoy, share and interact with music. Tencent Music's platform comprises online music, online karaoke and music-centric live streaming services, enabling music fans to discover, listen, sing, watch, perform and socialize around music.

QQ Music is the leading online music platform and provider of legitimate digital music services in China. It offers users a smooth online music experience and diversified community services. It has become the first choice of Chinese Internet users' in the music lifestyle segment.

Penguin e-Sports is Tencent’s largest mobile e-sports live streaming platform. Positioning as a Connector of the mobile e-sports ecology, Penguin e-Sports integrates resources from, QQ mobile games and Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group, as well as a massive amount of game hosts/anchors. It has also been collaborating with professional e-sports competitions including QGC,TGA,KPL and CFPL.
Penguin e-Sports enables users to watch live streaming videos from well-known game hosts, establish e-sports competitions in one step, acquire professional e-sports information, find like-minded friends and enjoy one-stop mobile e-sports experience.

NOW Live is a mobile live streaming application. NOW Live allows its users to capture joyful moments in their lives and broadcast live on mobile devices at anytime and anywhere. Users can share their live streaming not only on NOW Live, but also to their friends via QQ, Wechat, Qzone and other social platforms as well. NOW Live, which implies sharing your now moments right now, has become a popular lifestyle for young generation.

Interest Tribe is the largest interest-based social networking platform in China. Bonding its users with interest, Interest Tribe reconstructs the social relationship chain of the hundreds of millions of QQ users and presents itself with distinctive premium content and new community modes. To meet with the interest-based social needs of youngsters, QQ has also introduced its mobile social community ecological strategy which combines QQ Group, Interest Tribe and QQ Official Accounts together.

Tencent classroom, a professional online education platform launched by Tencent in 2014, includes numerous education institutions and online courses, which provide high quality online education services for millions of learners from all professions and businesses.
With years of development of technology, Tencent classroom provides institutions, teachers and students high-quality online teaching services, including live video, on-demand, browsing text picture online, test questions and other interactive education on PC sides and mobile phones. Furthermore, Tencent classroom provides instructional management system, Customer relationship management (CRM), financial settlement and other service systems.
Tencent classroom aims to improve China’s distribution of educational resources and imbalanced development by breaking geographical constraints through the use of internet, therefore helping ones with determination and dreams to receive the same study opportunities. Tencent hopes to provide all excellent institutions and teachers a platform to promote the healthy development of the online education industry.

Nextradio is an internet radio app from Tencent. Nextradio has a rich variety of channels, including audiobook, emotional life, cross talk, talk show, music, family, education, news and so on; In addition, Nextradio has live broadcast every night, which committed to be the audiences’ best soulmate. Users can have their own radio station and record their own program on the Nextradio, and share to friends for listening and following.

Information is China's leading online portal. Through its broad real-time news coverage and full range of innovative information services, the website provides a rich online life to hundreds of millions of Internet users.

As China’s leading mobile news app, Tencent News strives to create a rich, timely news application to provide users with an efficient, high-quality reading experience.

A leading online video interactive platform in China, Tencent Video is designed to provide users with a rich, smooth high-definition video entertainment experience, meeting the various needs of users a with a variety of products through its website, PC client, and mobile apps.

Tencent Microblog is an established social media platform based on media and social networking attributes. A communications network centered on people, it aims to provide real-time and diverse information, satisfying the demand for readily available information on any subject that matters to users.


YingYongBao is committed to providing users with rich, quality, safe and personalized mobile applications and games. It integrates the hundreds of millions of user accounts from Weixin, QQ, Qzone and QQ Browser and is constantly innovated to deliver results based on changing user needs in the modern digital age.

QQ Browser provides users with quick access to Internet. Built on its self-developed X5 core speed through independent research and development, QQ Browser is exceptionally speedy, saves on data usage and is a leading stable browser in the industry, meeting the different needs of users. Currently, the mobile QQ Browser has the highest number of monthly users in China.

Tencent Mobile Manager is mobile security and management software available on Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. Tencent Mobile Manager is currently the most used mobile security software in the China market defined by monthly active users. Committed to the vision of mobile safety first, the app performs virus-scans and deletion, harassment interception security functions, and provides mobile security and privacy protection. Tencent Mobile Manager provides a full-suite of convenient features like mobile speed acceleration, mobile data monitoring and other phone management functions to set user’s minds at ease.

Tencent PC Manager is China’s first online security software that incorporates both protection from viruses and computer management. It including anti-virus, real-time protection, vulnerability remediation, system clean-up, computer speed acceleration and software management. Tencent PC Manager has been recognized by international authorities and organizations such as AVC, VB100 and West Coast among others. The functions and services of Tencent PC Manager are continually innovated and enhanced in order to earn and maintain its reputation as the most trustworthy free security software in the market.

Providing map content, navigation and LBS (location-based services) solutions in China.

QQ Mail is one of the key products of Tencent’s online platform services. It provides real-time pop up notifications, a blog reader, 1G-sized attachments, audio and video messages among other features.

Pitu is a professional, fashionable image processing software, featuring many functions like Self-timer camera,photo editing and beauty retouch, and photo collage. With self-developed technologies of face analysis, facial feature location and image processing, Pitu also has some innovative features including natural makeup, awesome cutout, and crazy cosplay.
Pitu's blockbuster launch “Crazy Cosplay” has fueled the hot topic “Wuzetian Cosplay”, “Monkey God Sun Wukong Cosplay”. Pitu surged to 1st place of AppStore in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam etc. for many times.

Tencent Questionnaire, as one of the most common tools of Tencent research group, is committed to providing a platform on which users can create online questionnaires for free in various ways. With flexible logic settings, real-time online statistics, graphic presentations, and being available in different terminals, Tencent Questionnaire is an important tool of user research and online questionnaires.

TUCAO.QQ.COM is a user feedback platform supporting WEB, WeChat official accounts, APP and WeChat mini programs, which was formerly a unified feedback component of internal product in Tencent. It has been officially provided to the public free in December 2016 after upgrading. We are committed to providing product managers with a platform where they can contact with users frequently so that the equal,concerned and warm communication can be felt.


Tencent Open Platform is built for its partners, enabling them to easily connect with QQ, Weixin, Qzone, and YingYongBao and gain traffic and revenue through open APIs across PC, mobile and multiple devices. As of September 2016, Tencent Open Platform has connected more than 6 million startups with a total valuation of more than RMB300 billion. Additionally, there are more than 30 “Incubator Spaces” for partners in China, with total floor space of up to 1 million square meters.

Leveraging Tencent’s years of experience in providing Internet services, Tencent Cloud is a public cloud platform for corporate and individual users. It provides developers with cloud servers, cloud databases, cloud storage, CDN and other basic cloud computing services, as well as various industry solutions including online games, video, and mobile applications.

Artificial Intelligence

Established in Shenzhen in 2016, Tencent AI Lab is a leading AI research and engineering lab of Tencent. With a vision of "Make AI Everywhere", Tencent AI Lab focuses on both fundamental research and practical application of artificial intelligence. , It aims at continuous improvement of AI's capability in understanding, decision-making and creativity, while providing strong AI technical support to Tencent's businesses. Led by Dr. Tong Zhang, the famous expert on machine learning and big data, the lab was backed by 50 world-class research scientists and 200 experienced engineers in China and US. Its research focuses on four key areas: machine learning, computer vision, speech recognition, and natural language processing. To serve the needs of Tencent’s diversified businesses, it is looking at four areas for AI application: content, social, online games and cloud services. Its technology now has been applied in more than 100 Tencent products, including WeChat, QQ and news app, Tian Tian Kuai Bao etc.

Tencent YouTu Lab is Tencent’s top machine learning R&D team. The lab mainly focuses on machine learning, pattern recognition and cognitive technology. In the background of the rise of AI industry, it rapidly becomes the industry leader.
Currently, the lab has accumulated dozens of leading technologies in face, image and audio analysis fields, and created the world record in the international competition. Through cloud services, intelligent hardware, industry solutions and other diversified product strategies, it vigorously promotes the extensive application of AI, and improves the surfing experience on the Internet through the use of AI technology.

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Tencent(SEHK: 00700)

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Conference Calls

Tencent Holdings Limited 2019 Third Quarter Results Announcement

Hong Kong, Wednesday, October 13, 2019 – Tencent Holdings Limited (SEHK 00700) plans to announce 2019 Second Quarter Results on Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

Mr. Ma Huateng, Chairman & CEO, Mr. Martin Lau, President, Mr. James Mitchell, CSO and Mr. John Lo, CFO, will host a conference call to review the Company’s business and financial performance and discuss the Company’s future plans. A live webcast of this conference call will be available on the Company’s website.

Details of the conference call and webcast are as follows:


8:00 p.m. HKT/ 8:00 a.m. EDT

Webcast Access:

Mobile Access QR Code:

Dial-in numbers:
US Toll Free: 184 4760 0770/ UK: +44 20371 35084/ China (Landline): 80087 00532/ China (mobile): 40062 40407/ International:+65 6713 5330/ HK: +852 3018 8307

Passcode for Participants: 6766977

PowerPoint slides will be presented during the live webcast.

A replay of the conference call can be reached at 185 5452 5696 (US Toll Free), or +61 2 9003 4211 (International). Conference ID number is 6766977. Archived webcast will be available at the same link above.

For enquiries, please contact Investor Relations:

Investors/analysts - Ms. Jane Yip, at +852 3148 5100 ext. 68961,

Media – Mr. PH Cheung, at +852 3148 5100 ext. 68919.

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Tel: (86-755)86013388–72000


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Tel: (86-755)86013388-50726


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