RMB1.783 Billion Donated by 48 Million Individuals, Thanks to the Successful 99 Giving Day


The 99 Charity Day for 2019 came to a successful end on September 9. The number of charitable organizations and caring enterprises both exceeded 10,000, which has also set a new high in terms of fundraising, transparency and coverage for the 99 Charity Day of this year: 48 million caring netizens donated RMB1.783 billion through the Tencent Public Benefit Platform, more than 2,500 enterprises donated RMB307 million, plus RMB399.99 million provided by Tencent’s Public Benefit and Charity Foundation, bringing the total amount of donations raised on this 99 Giving Day to RMB2.49 billion.

It is worth mentioning that the transparency standard requirement of Financial Disclosure + Independent Audit + Random Sampling was put forward for the 99 Giving Day this year, which also further increased the value and transparency of this event. In addition, the innovative offline incentive mechanism also diversified the ways to donate to the 99 Public Benefit Day, with the participation of a total of 3,585 organizations, hosting more than 10,000 offline events, covering communities and business circles in about 200 cities.


"Five years ago, we set out with the mission based on the understanding that ‘the pain point of society is just the starting point of public benefit’ and began a long and unprecedented journey of Creating Festivities hand-in-hand with all our partners. With the original intention of connecting trust with science and technology, and the ingenuity of perfecting products with innovation, we jointly created this ‘Universal Public Benefit Action Day' from 0 to 1" said Mr. Chen Yidan, main founder of Tencent, and initiator and honorary chairman of the Tencent Charity Foundation.

Guo Kaitian, senior vice president of the Tencent Group and president of the Tencent Charity Foundation, said that the 99 Public Welfare Day, which has taken place each year for the past five years, will continue to advocate the concept of Rational Public Benefit with Science and Technology Inclined to Working in the Service of the Good, and not only focus on the fund-raising on the three days of the 99 Public Benefit Day, but also hope that the annual 99 Charity Day will build sustainable momentum for promoting the progress of the public benefit industry and also of social development.

The Tencent’s public benefit platform will explore various capabilities, increase its support for Small and Beautiful institutions on Tencent’s public benefit platform, so that even the smallest public benefit projects and institutions can shine on Tencent's public welfare platform. Sun Yi, Deputy Secretary-General of Tencent Charity Foundation, said that, in the future, Tencent Public Benefit will increase its support for small organizations and innovative public benefit projects in online public project display, matching of social network communication resources of Tencent’s public benefit project, and cooperation between media and opinion leaders, and will try to help these organizations better display themselves and gain public attention through online public benefit classes. 

As for the support given to some mature public benefit institutions and public benefit projects, Tencent's public welfare platform will also launch customized services to meet the comprehensive development needs of public benefit institutions in all aspects. More efforts will be put into the issues of the alleviation of industrial poverty; rural revitalization; construction of community public services and family assistance and care; and the integration and development of public benefit and culture should be facilitated, by instituting a creative public benefit interactive platform of All People Love Public Benefit.

Zhai Hongxin also said that, in the past five years, every step of the growth of the 99 Giving Day is owed to the support from the public benefit talent across the whole of society. Starting this year, the Tencent Charity Foundation will increase its investment in support of public benefit talent in the whole industry, and will, through the construction of the Internet Public Benefit College, cultivate general knowledge, cross-border thinking and sci-tech understanding of internet public benefit talent.


"After some time, we hope that in September, as leaves change colours, contributing to public benefit will become a spontaneous act, and the 99 Giving Day will become a tradition." At 9:00 a.m. on the same day of the 99 Public Benefit Day, Ma Huateng, Board Chairman and CEO of Tencent, Mr. Martin Lau, President of Tencent, and the senior executives outlined the blueprint for the 99 Charity Day in an internal letter.