Tencent Launches Its “99 Giving Day” Annual Charity Campaign in Hong Kong


Cross-Industry Collaborations to Plant Seedlings of Goodwill via a Global Online Ecosystem

The Tencent Charity Foundation (“Tencent Foundation”) announced today that it will launch Tencent’s “99 Giving Day” annual charity campaign in Hong Kong from Sept 1 to 10.

The inauguration ceremony, themed “Together for Good,” was hosted in Hong Kong today, in partnership with a number of local NGOs so to plant the seedlings of goodwill both online and offline. 

Mr Chris Sun, JP, Secretary for Labour and Welfare Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, was the officiating guest for the event.

Ms Ge Yan, Secretary-General of the Tencent Charity Foundation, introduced the foundation and the latest developments of the “99 Giving Day.” The event also hosted a roundtable discussion on with ways in which Hong Kong and China’s Mainland can better build a global ecosystem of public welfare featuring speakers from the initiative’s growing list of partners, including Chairman of Po Leung Kuk, Dr Daniel C Y Chan, MH; Chairman of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Mr Ma Ching Yeung Philip; Event Committee Co-Chairman at the Community Chest; Mr Stanley Sun; Founder of Bo Charity Foundation Ms Gigi Tung Oi-Lai; Founder and Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Single Parents Association, BBS, MH, JP, Ms Jessie Yu Sau-Chu; and Tencent Vice President of Public Affairs and Tencent Foundation Executive Director, Li Tsz Shu, James. 

“Hong Kong people are kindhearted and charitable, which explains why we have more than 10,000 charities in the city. The pandemic has affected a lot of these charities – some opting for more digital channels for communication and fundraising,” said Mr Chris Sun, Secretary for Labour and Welfare.

“Online philanthropy has flourished in the Mainland for many years. When the pandemic in Hong Kong was very serious in the beginning of the year, the Tencent Foundation donated HK$50 million through the Global Anti-Pandemic Fund to offer large-scale emergency services and to support the recovery of subsidized public welfare partners during such trying times. This sparked a deeper connection with its partners in Hong Kong, so I am glad Tencent’s ‘99 Giving Day’ can finally take root in the city so we can foster more transparent and efficient means to do good online.”

Ms Ge Yan, Secretary-General of the Tencent Charity Foundation, says, “The Tencent Foundation has been committed to philanthropy and helping those in need, launching the ‘99 Giving Day’ in partnership with multiple parties back in 2015 in China’s Mainland. Through internet and digital platforms, we have connected charitable organisations to the public, the government, private companies, media and more with aims to build a global, online ecosystem that plants the seedlings of goodwill. Going forward, we hope to join arms with various parties and charities in Hong Kong to replicate this model of philanthropy, spread the gospel of doing good and promote such ecosystems across borders.”  

“99 Giving Day” is offered both online and offline

Tencent’s Vice President of Public Affairs and Tencent Foundation Executive Director, Li Tsz Shu, James says, “Technology empowers philanthropy. Both Tencent and Tencent Foundation are committed to promoting public welfare in a boundless, heartwarming ecosystem of goodwill through Internet and technology. Everyone can initiate, support and disseminate good will. After two years in Hong Kong throughout the pandemic, the ’99 Giving Day’ campaign has embraced more partners in even more meaningful partnerships that extend both online and offline. Together, we hope to flourish Hong Kong’s philanthropic endeavors via technology, innovation and finding the common good.” 

Online philanthropy:

  • Tencent Foundation has appointed an online charity platform in Hong Kong via WeChat Pay HK to connect with more than 10 charities including Food Angel, Hong Kong Single Parents Association, Orbis Hong Kong, Oxfam Hong Kong, Po Leung Kok, The Community Chest of Hong Kong, The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF, and Save the Children Hong Kong. These charities launch projects in the platform including healthcare, education, elderly and youth services – to name but a few – with hopes to spread love indiscriminately. 
  • From September 1 to 10, WeChat Pay HK users can donate to a cause by the aforementioned charities. Tencent Foundation will match the donation with a cap of HK$2 million. 
  • Meanwhile, the “Stamps for Good” initiative hosted by WeChat Pay HK and Tencent Foundation will see an upgrade during the “99 Giving Day” campaign. Every WeChat Pay HK transaction will see two stamps to be donated to charities. Tencent Foundation will donate HK$1 for every stamp with a cap of HK$3 million; stamps are capped at 30,000 daily.

Offline philanthropy:

  • On September 9, Tencent Foundation joins hands with Po Leung Kuk to debut an art event, with 6,000 students in Pok Leung Kuk’s 25 primary schools painting “little safflower,” Tencent’s charity IP, to share the message of joy and hope. This project welcomed students and families in need so they, too, can partake in extracurricular activities and pursue their dreams. 
  • On Oct 28, Tencent Foundation will join hands with The Community Chest of Hong Kong in the Dress Casual Day 2022 alongside visitation by Tencent volunteers with hopes to bridge the philanthropic ecosystem between Hong Kong and China’s Mainland.

“99 Giving Day” Cantonese Theme Song Released in HK & China's Mainland Simultaneously 

To promote an online ecosystem of goodwill, Tencent Foundation has invited Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) to recreate the “99 Giving Day” theme song entitled “Together for Good” in Cantonese. Arranged by the Hong Kong Enharmonica of people with and without disabilities, the tune is brought to life by singers of the Stars Academy like Gigi Yim Ming-Hay and Aska Cheung Chi-Ho. Through music, the song hopes to strengthen the philanthropic bond via the message of “Together for Good”.