Tencent Cloud Launches International Anti-COVID-19 Service Package


On April 13th Tencent Cloud launched an international anti-COVID-19 service package to help support the global fight against the pandemic. The package will help companies, medical institutions and governments worldwide tackle the unique challenges presented by COVID-19. This is the latest step taken by Tencent to assist in the global campaign against the pandemic, beginning with the establishment of a US$100 million global anti-COVID-19 fund and the rollout of a global COVID-19 information platform.

Products launched in the first phase can be used in a wide range of scenarios including enabling remote collaboration, facilitating online medical consultation and helping governments promote access to reliable information. Tencent Cloud will also provide free credits for some cloud service purchases to help companies and organizations in need, which can be accessed through Tencent Cloud's official website.

Social distancing and working from home have become the new normal in many countries during the COVID-19 outbreak. VooV Meeting, the international version of Tencent Meeting, has already been rolled out in more than 100 countries and regions, and is available to users free of charge. The service can support meetings of up to 300 participants, which makes it a crucial tool for helping companies to work remotely, educational agencies to teach online classes and medical institutions to provide online consultations.

With the help of Tencent Cloud's live broadcast service application, Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC), databases, Global Application Acceleration Platform (GAAP) and subtitling solution (AI Transfy), schools, hospitals and other institutions can also quickly set up their own live broadcast capabilities for remote consultation and teaching.
For government agencies, the timely publication and distribution of information surrounding COVID-19 prevention is of critical importance during the epidemic. Tencent Cloud’s SMS service is available in more than 200 countries and regions and through more than 1,000 operators, which can help government agencies quickly communicate COVID-19 prevention information to the public.

Previously, Tencent launched a global platform for healthcare information amid the epidemic. This service has also been launched in English, including a section for "COVID-19 Epidemic Info", AI-powered COVID-19 self-screening tools, We Doctor and Dingxiangyuan, which gives users worldwide access to epidemic updates, medical knowledge, self-diagnosis tips, online voluntary clinics and more.

Tencent has furthermore made a technological contribution to the global fight against COVID-19 by open-sourcing the international module in its COVID-19 Mini Program (TH_COVID19_International) on March 27th, making it an important information resource that is available for free to users around the world. Government agencies, healthcare institutions, media organizations and developers worldwide can access the Mini Program to develop their own pandemic-related services. On April 3rd, Tencent open sourced the COVID-19 Self-triage Assistant, a program that allows anyone to conduct a self-assessment about potential coronavirus symptoms. The service helps educate the public with prevention tips, thus reducing the risk of cross-infection caused by panic and minimizing the load on medical providers.

Tencent has been helping businesses and government agencies fight against the epidemic with a series of products and services in China. A variety of pandemic-related Mini Programs provided by third parties have been developed to give the public seamless access to information and updates. Products such as VooV Meeting, WeCom* and Tencent Document provide tools through which businesses can efficiently work together remotely. Tencent’s integrated online education solution enables over 100 million teachers to continue teaching, and students to continue learning during school disruptions. Tencent has also helped scientific institutions accelerate the R&D of new drugs with cutting-edge AI and computing technologies.

As the epidemic continues to rage around the world, Tencent is committed to aiding the global fight against the virus with its experience, technologies and products.


*The product name was changed from WeChat Work to WeCom on September 20, 2020.