#TencentInnovates to Support Senior Citizens, Keep Birds from Crashing, Reduce Carbon, and Enhance Video Calls


We’re constantly working to creatively apply our tech know-how to make life, work, and society better. In the third installment of our #TencentInnovates series, we highlight seven developments in elder care, wildlife conservation, and communication.

Smart Devices Take Lifting to New Heights

We’re living longer due to advances in medicine and healthier lifestyles. With aging, however, comes inevitable challenges. Time can bring frailty and mobility challenges, and many need assistance to get around. 

To address this, Tencent’s Elderly Care Technology Lab has developed the transfer aid, an assistive lifting device that improves on traditional techniques using a two-stage lift design. It allows caregivers to safely transfer a person with limited mobility between wheelchair, toilet, and bed, reducing the risk of injury and falls for everyone.

Medical Imaging Data Improves Accuracy in Diagnosis