WeChat Helps Brands Better Engage Consumers with “One Product One Code” Feature


[Guangzhou, China, July 16, 2019] WeChat announced today the launch of its “One Product One Code” system which is fully accessible to merchants now. Combining the strengths of WeChat’s Mini Programs and big data, this function can remove the information barrier between merchants and consumers, enhance their connections and improve marketing efficiencies through targeted and interactive marketing initiatives which will in turn boost consumptions.

Turning Each Product into an Access Point for Mini Programs

For merchants, their products are the most direct links between consumers and the brands. Through the One Product One Code system, merchants can obtain a micro code that allows fast reading on a 0.5 cm × 0.5 cm printed material. With the assigned codes on products, consumers can easily switch between Mini Programs and WeChat Official Accounts. This helps merchants better engage consumers through enhanced targeted marketing and personalized interactions, and at the same time improve operational efficiency through big data analytics. Once accessing the Mini Programs, buyers of billions of products are connected with the merchants. On the other hand, under Tencent’s patented encoding technology, a micro code cannot be decrypted and replicated, hence the code generation process is highly secure for merchants.

Consumers are provided with customized services when they are directed to the brand’s Mini Program after scanning the mini code on the packing of products. Each product has become an offline access point for Mini Programs, connecting consumers with merchants efficiently and building communication channels among Mini Programs, merchants and consumers.

Meanwhile, merchants can have interactions with consumers through Follow Official Account, Red Packet Mini Program, and other features. Merchants may, for instance, distribute coupons or red packets to consumers via Mini Programs, encouraging them to revisit their Official Accounts that can continue to serve consumers. Each product becomes a distribution channel, marking the end of traditional costly and ineffective marketing techniques. Eastroc Super Drink, for example, has realized targeted marketing with One Product One Code system and the Cash Red Packets function, with a compound annual growth rate of 40% since product launch while saving almost 10 million yuan in its marketing budget. Also, leveraging the massive product flow, Eastroc Super Drink has achieved monetization via the Mini Program Advertising initiative, building a monthly cash flow of over RMB1 million. By combining One Product One Code function with other marketing initiatives, Wong Lo Kat (or Wanglaoji in mainland China) has registered 21% year-on-year increase in sales. During the campaign period, it has sold 300 million cans of the herbal tea, taking its branding to new heights.

Big Data Analytics Aids Merchants’ In-depth Management of Consumers

Consumer insights from data analytics play an important role in the digitalization of retail brand business. Merchants can obtain big data analysis through the One Product One Code function. After the products are put into the market, once consumers scan the mini codes, merchants can choose to review relevant data from the One Product One Code menu when logging into their WeChat Official account. By doing so, merchants can learn about consumer behavior more precisely, improve user experience, engage in in-depth management of consumers, and eventually fully digitalized their operations. Yanghe Distillery, for example, has completely digitalized its entire consumption chain and acquired a brand new solution for solving problems such as counterfeiting and channeling of products in the liquor industry.

The complete One Product One Code function is now available to all users. Retail brands such as Jiang Xiao Bai and Meng Niu have all accessed WeChat’s One Product One Code system. Other brands can apply for this function after completing the verification process. Once the application is verified and approved, the merchants can develop or authorized the third parties service providers who have access to the One Product One Code function in the Wechat open community to develop their own system. Certified developers as service providers can send an email to wxsaoyisao@tencent.com, explaining their service scenarios with third-party APPID; then they can participate in the development and implementation of One Product One Code.

WeChat strives to improve product management and provide diversified marketing channels for brands through its One Product One Code function. In future, this function will play more vital roles in retailing and help retail brands reach and engage with consumers more effectively.