Tencent Cloud provides customers with industry-leading cloud products and services. Leveraging its strong global infrastructure, Tencent Cloud offers reliable services to help enterprises ensure business continuity during the pandemic.

With our worldwide network of data centers, we are able to build industry leading solutions that integrate our cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, security and other advanced technologies to support digital upgrades of various sectors, including finance, education, healthcare, retail, industry, transportation, energy, radio and television.

Tencent Cloud operates 53 availability zones in 26 geographical regions around the world, serving millions of customers from more than 100 countries, and providing them with powerful, secure and stable cloud products and services to support the development needs of different businesses.

Tencent Cloud is committed to working closely with our partners to create a rich and open cloud-based service ecosystem, driving digital transformation and upgrading of various industries, and realizing our vision: "Do More with Tencent Cloud".