Tencent Meeting & VooV Meeting

Tencent Meeting provides an easy-to-use, smooth, secure and reliable cloud-based high-definition video conferencing solution that enables customers and users to host or join meetings anytime, anywhere. During the coronavirus outbreak, Tencent Meeting is providing free services and connecting users all over mainland China. Its international version, VooV Meeting, has been launched in more than 100 countries and regions around the world in March.

Leveraging a wealth of expertise and experience accumulated in the development of our audio and video technologies over the past 20 years, Tencent Meeting takes into account the critical needs of enterprise meetings and seeks innovative breakthroughs by integrating Tencent's capabilities in AI, cloud computing, security and more. Tencent Meeting supports flexible call-ins through smart phones, personal computers, Weixin Mini Programs, as well as one-click calling via Weixin and WeChat. Its intelligent audio and video noise reduction capability enables high-quality, smooth communication. In addition, it provides a variety of meeting management features such as online document collaboration, real-time screen sharing, and instant text messaging that facilitates collaboration and teamwork during meetings. Tencent Meeting is also equipped with virtual backgrounds and other UI enhancements.

Tencent Meeting is currently widely used in business, municipal services, finance, education, healthcare and other industries, and is available for online document signing, business solicitation, recruitment, online learning and training, and much more.