Supporting Science and Clinical Research on COVID-19

Technology has become an important means to help contain the global COVID-19 outbreak. Leveraging our advanced AI and cloud technologies, Tencent has proactively participated in the development of pandemic-related technological R&D projects in a number of ways, including setting up an AI Joint Lab with Dr. Zhong Nanshan for the research on disease screening and prevention, and warning of potential outbreaks; establishing an AI-powered platform by Tencent AI Lab to accelerate drug discovery by scientific research institutions; improving the CT diagnostic efficiency with its AI-assisted auxiliary diagnostic engine; creating an AI-powered model for the forecasting of the trend of COVID-19. Tencent will continue to develop technologies for epidemic prevention and control, share latest research results with the world while opening up our technology platform to facilitate the fight against the pandemic with concerted efforts by global scientific research community. Tencent has worked hard to contribute to the common goal of overcoming the pandemic together and has been devoted to playing its part in the global battle against the coronavirus by sharing our technologies and experience with our partners globally.

Ⅰ. Setting up a joint lab with Dr. Zhong's team to carry out scientific research on the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia

We have reached a cooperation with Dr. Zhong Nanshan's team to set up a Big Data and AI Joint Lab to keep fighting against the novel coronavirus outbreak, and to utilize big data and AI for the screening, prevention and warning of other epidemics, respiratory diseases and thoracic diseases.

With our massive user service capacity, secure and speedy technology deployment supported by Tencent Cloud and our medical science AI’s efficient screening capabilities, Tencent is well positioned to assist Dr. Zhong's team in their long-term research and realize better results from their epidemic prevention efforts.

Leveraging big data and AI technologies, both teams cooperated to conduct in-depth scientific research in areas of screening, AI-assisted image reading, and epidemic forecasting and warning. For instance, leverage Tencent Health Mini Program and other internet service platforms to help screen high-risk people and provide guidance for seeking healthcare advice; research and develop Al-assisted image reading, identifying and screening technologies; build up disease reporting and forecasting/warning system for various epidemics including the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia.

In addition, Tencent Foundation has cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), where Tencent has donated RMB30 million to help more than 30 academicians initiate multiple research projects regarding the challenges encountered in front-line prevention and control of disease. The CAE will run a “buddy system” with 500 outstanding frontline medical staff and researchers in Wuhan to provide professional guidance and skills trainings in the academic field, as well as to develop a professional development platform to continuously improve their medical standards and capabilities.

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Ⅱ. Tencent AI-based prediction platform accelerates drug screening for novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia

Tencent AI Lab has built an AI-based small molecule properties prediction platform (ADMET properties prediction platform), available to scientific research institutes and related pharmaceutical enterprises for free.

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The ADMET research is a comprehensive study on drug properties such as absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity. Early evaluation of drug ADMET properties can significantly improve the success rate of drug development. Researchers can input data in the form of single molecules or excel spreadsheets on the platform to accurately predict the ADMET properties of drug molecules by AI technology, with a view to accelerating targeted drug screening for the novel coronavirus, shortening the study cycle of potential therapeutic drugs and reducing cost of research and development.

Ⅲ. AI-powered auxiliary diagnostic solution facilitates chest CT scan diagnosis for novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia

Leveraging our AI and cloud computing technologies, Tencent has applied AI to assist doctors in chest CT image analysis, helping doctors identify the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia more quickly and accurately. Doctors can carry out remote CT examinations for patients with the assistance of AI through remote deployment and operation, which is a way to further reduce the risk of infection.

The AI-powered CT auxiliary diagnostic engine for the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia and related AI-powered CT equipment have been delivered to Hubei for use by multiple hospitals to assist researches. The AI-powered algorithm can complete AI pattern recognition as fast as several seconds to assist doctors in identifying the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia , greatly reducing the pressure resulting from shortage of CT equipment.

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Ⅳ. AI-powered model's prediction for the trend of novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia

Based on public data, Tencent has established a dynamic SEIQ model (D-SEIQ: Dynamic Susceptible Exposed Infective Quarantined) for the long-term trend prediction of the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia. The model can be applied to predict the long-term trend based on the epidemic data in specific regions, including the dynamic and accurate prediction of newly confirmed cases for the next few days, as well as the prediction of the long-term trend of the epidemic and the inflection point of epidemic evolution.

Tencent will continue to share latest research results with the world while opening up our technology platform to facilitate the fight against the pandemic as a concerted effort with global scientific research institutions.