99 Giving Day

Tencent’s 99 Giving Day is one of the world’s largest annual public philanthropy campaigns.

What is 99 Giving Day

Tencent Foundation’s 99 Giving Day is Tencent’s public charity campaign held annually in September, during which the company matches any donations made by the users via its online platforms.


Launched in 2015, 99 Giving Day has grown into a global campaign where hundreds of millions of people take part to do their part in tackling social and environmental issues together.

-Leon Guo, Senior Vice President of Tencent, Chairman of Tencent Charity Foundation

99 Giving Day Milestones



A new feature, "One Flower, One Dream" is introduced allowing users to co-create philanthropy programs with the Tencent Foundation.


99 Giving Day breaks the record for China internet charity platforms by raising a total of RMB 3.044 billion in donations. It is also when 99 Giving Day is launched in Hong Kong for the first time.


A new era of "rational charity" begins with more than 28 million individual donations, a new record.


99 Giving Day is launched by the Tencent Charity Foundation. More than 2 million people make donations raising RMB 130 million (US$18.6 million).


99 Giving Day has evolved from a company-wide fundraising activity into a platform that serves the charity industry to jointly explore solutions to long-term social issues and promote social equity.


Transformative Power of Philanthropy

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Deliver Happiness to Kids

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Recent Updates

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